Blackpool, England: Night on the Beach
Blackpool Beach - Lancashire, England

Dec 7th


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Blackpool, England: Night on the Beach

Blackpool Beach (©2011 Ian Mylam)

Blackpool, Lancashire, England (©2011 Ian Mylam)

I am still working my way through images from the weekend I spent in Blackpool in September, and came across this one earlier today which I liked. It’s a view looking diagonally across the beach and towards the sea, although the tide is out, and there are just a few pools of water left on the beach. It was shot after dark, so the colours you see here were not visible to the naked eye – the sky was pitch black, and it took a two-minute exposure to draw them out. The orange colour in the sky is light pollution from the orange-yellow sodium street lights in the town behind me. My initial idea was to convert the image to black and white in order to remove the orange colour cast in the sky. But the longer I looked at the image, the more I decided I liked the limited colour palette and the unified colours of sand and sky, and decided to keep it as a colour image. I was really hoping for some clouds in the sky – it is a little featureless – but I feel there is just enough tonal and colour variation there to be interesting, and the softness of the sky seems to contrast well with the texture of the ripples in the sand.

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