Adobe Releases Lightroom 4
Adobe Lightroom 4

Mar 6th


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Adobe Releases Lightroom 4

For anyone using Adobe Lightroom for their digital asset management and editing needs, Lightroom 4 has just been released.  The full price is US$149, with a US$79 upgrade path from any previous version.  For U.K. users, the price is £103.88 inc. VAT for the full version, or £59.09 for the upgrade.  This is around half the price of the previous version of Lightroom – so if you considered buying it before but couldn’t afford it, now might be the right time!

Although no major new features have been released there is additional camera support for the Canon 1DX, G1X, Nikon D800 and D800e, amongst others.  The Develop Module has had a facelift, the shadow/highlight recovery tools have been significantly improved, the local editing tools now include white balance, new Develop presets have been added, there is reverse geocoding, and Lightroom now offers the possibility of creating photo books.  There is also enhanced support for photographers shooting video.

More information is available on the Adobe Lightroom blog and also on on the Lightroom product page.


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