Lightroom 4 Tone Curve bug – An Update
Adobe Lightroom 4 Tone Curve Bug - an update

Apr 8th


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Lightroom 4 Tone Curve bug – An Update

Further to my post a month ago in which I mentioned that people were reporting that Lightroom 4 was failing to honour custom point-tone-curve edits made in Lightroom 3, it seems as if Adobe have come up with a fix.  Adobe have released Lightroom 4.1 RC (‘release candidate’), which you can download here.  Adobe states that the label ‘release candidate’ means that the update has been comprehensively tested, but would ‘benefit from additional community testing’.  In other words, it should work, but don’t give Adobe a hard time if it doesn’t :)  Most Lightroom users who have tested the fix are reporting on the relevant Adobe forum that the update solves the problem, and it is likely that Adobe will upgrade the interim ‘RC’ update to an official ‘4.1’ update shortly.  So if you’ve been holding back on upgrading to Lightroom 4 on account of not wanting to lose your LR3 tone-curve edits, your wait appears to be over.


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