In Tokyo with “The Photographer’s Workflow”

Jan 6th


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In Tokyo with “The Photographer’s Workflow”


"The Photographer's Workflow" e-book


I am currently in Tokyo for a couple of days, and for the first time in a long time, the only camera I have with me is my iPhone.  The reason?  I have two clear days here, and I wanted to use some of that time in order to set up Adobe Lightroom, the software I used to manage my digital photographs, to implement the workflow system detailed in Gavin Gough’s wonderful e-book, “The Photographer’s Workflow”, which I reviewed recently here on the blog.  I have read through the e-book twice, and now it’s time to get my hands dirty and streamline my workflow in accordance with Gavin’s innovative workflow system.

It’s fair to say that I’d rather be wandering the streets with my camera than sitting in my hotel room with my laptop, although the view of Mount Fuji from my hotel window is breathtaking.  I also know that if I had brought my camera with me, I would find it hard to resist the temptation to go out and look for photographs, which is why I left it behind.  On the other hand, I know that this workflow is going to save me hours and hours of time in the months ahead and fill me with a sense of smug satisfaction every time I launch Lightroom or import some new photographs, and so this is definitely time well spent.

I read this morning that there is a new-year discount of 33% on Gavin’s e-book for the whole of January, so if you’d like to treat yourself – or a photographer in your life – to a late Christmas present, or if you made a new year’s resolution to bring some order, consistency and efficiency to your image-processing workflow, now is a great time to buy the e-book, which comes bundled together with Gavin’s own Lightroom Development presets and links to exclusive video tutorials.  The discount code is photowork33jan, and you can buy the e-book via the following link:

Gavin Gough – The Photographer’s Workflow

If you’d like to read my review of the e-book, you can find a link to that post lower down the page under the “Related Posts” link: “Gavin Gough publishes ‘The Photographer’s Workflow'”.

Happy new year!

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