Lightroom 5 – Up to Speed

Jun 30th


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Lightroom 5 – Up to Speed

PVDE_LR5_CoverIf – like me – you are a user of Adobe Lightroom, you are probably aware that Adobe released Lightroom 5 earlier this month.  Unlike Lightroom 4, which featured a major overhaul of the processing engine giving significantly improved recovery of highlight and shadow detail amongst other improvements, Lightroom 5 at first sight appeared to be less of a quantum leap forward.   As a result, I was in no particular hurry to upgrade to Lightroom 5 and thought I could live without it for a while – at least until I had fully recovered from the shock of taking out an annual subscription to the latest incarnation of Photoshop, namely Photoshop CC, part of Adobe’s new ‘Creative Cloud’.

However, I have just finished reading Piet Van Eynde’s new e-book entitled Lightroom 5 Up to Speed – Everything you need to know about the Adobe Lightroom 5 upgrade, and it has completely changed my mind about the significance of the new Lightroom release.  At only US$5 (Around £3.30 / €3.80) it’s worth buying just to help you decide whether you want to upgrade or not  – and if you have just upgraded, this is the book to help you quickly get to grips with what’s new in Lightroom 5, and how to get the most out of the changes.

In case you haven’t heard of Piet, he is a talented Belgian freelance photographer, Adobe Certified Expert, and a highly regarded author and educator in the digital photography and digital post-processing worlds.  In 2009, Piet threw his camera, flash and an umbrella (I am presuming the photographic variety) in his bicycle panniers and cycled 5000 miles through Turkey, Iran and Indonesia for a photography project called Portraits of Asia.  This is the fourth of Piet’s ebooks I have read; they have all been outstanding, and great value for money.

Piet has a very clear, concise, easy-to-read writing style and has a natural gift for explaining things.  Like all his ebooks, this one is very comprehensive.  In Lightroom 5 Up To Speed he walks you through every single new feature of any relevance in Lightroom 5, with plenty of examples showing how to get the most out of the new functionality.  In addition to that, the e-book contains numerous links to video tutorials to supplement the text and pictures if you find learning by watching easier than reading.

The ebook covers:

  • How to install Lightroom 5 and upgrade older Lightroom Catalogs
  • The new, advanced Healing Brush (at long last!) and the ‘Visualise Spots’ checkbox
  • How to straighten photos with the new Upright Tool
  • The radial filter
  • How to improve your workflow with Smart Previews (Offline editing of images on disconnected drives! – as someone who spends a large part of the year on the road, this was for me the game-changer, and would have been enough on its own to persuade me to upgrade to Lightroom 5)
  • Improvements to the Book Module
  • New features in the Slideshow Module
  • Almost 30 other miscellaneous new, improved or changed features
  • A heads-up about some of the noteworthy new or improved plug-ins released since Lightroom 4 which are compatible with Lightroom 5

and as I mentioned above, for only $5 the e-book is fantastic value for money.

I have just ordered Lightroom 5 as a direct result of reading this e-book, and when I launch ‘5’ for the first time, this 77-page e-book is the one I will be working my way through while I get to grips with all the changes.




If you are completely new to Lightroom, and you’re looking for a more complete resource for learning Lightroom 5 from scratch, you can buy both ‘Lightroom 5 Up to Speed’ bundled together with Piet’s comprehensive e-book, ‘Lightroom 4 UnMasked’ – a  massive 312-page resource covering everything you could possibly want to know about using Lightroom for your digital post-production – for just $20 all in, which amounts to getting ‘Lightroom 5 Up to Speed’ for free when you buy the other.

You can buy Lightroom 5 – Up to Speed, or the two-e-book bundle, via the following links:



… and if you’d like to find out more about Piet’s other excellent e-books – as well as the other great ebooks available in the Craft & Vision stable, you can do so via the following link:


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