Dubai, U.A.E., 2014

Mar 16th


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Two Days in Dubai

I just got back from a very enjoyable couple of days in Dubai, where the annual Gulf Photo Plus photography festival was in full swing. I was in the Business Bay area, walking along the side of a major road which initially looked fairly uninteresting when an image began to take shape in my mind based on the scene in front of me. It took me a while to find the right framing, and involved cropping the image to a square format to align what I could see through the viewfinder with what I could see in my mind's eye, but I eventually found the framing which had tugged at my subconscious and caused me to slow to a halt and break out the camera. I then realised that what I really needed was a yellow vehicle to pass by to echo the colour of the yellow lines on the left side of the image. So I staked out this spot for around twenty minutes waiting for a yellow vehicle to come by. A couple of times I saw a yellow vehicle approaching, but by the time it actually reached me, my view of it was partially blocked by other traffic. Eventually I got lucky: an an unobstructed view of an approaching yellow van. More after the jump...

Tree on a Ridge - Zion Natonal Park, Utah, U.S.A.

Aug 26th


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Hiking in Zion

With 48 hours to kill in Las Vegas over the weekend, I decided to rent a car and head out of the city to Zion National Park in the neighbouring State of Utah. I had hoped I might get to the Park early enough on Friday evening to scout for a good location for some […]

Sand dunes in the Arabian Desert, U.A.E.

Nov 29th


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A Day in the Arabian Desert

Earlier this month, I flew out to Dubai to meet up with friend and photographer David Nightingale who runs the highly regarded photography training and photoblog website at ¬†Together with two of the guys from Gulf Photo Plus, Michael and Simran, and Dubai-based Omani commercial photographer Issa AlKindy, we headed into the Arabian Desert. […]