Boat at Dawn - Bahrain

Jul 16th


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Living with the Fuji X-E2

It’s ten o’clock in the evening, and the sun still has not set. I am sitting outside with a cold beer on a balmy evening watching the sun sink imperceptibly towards the horizon. It’s close to the summer solstice in Denmark – midsummer, or ‘Sankt Hans’ as the Danes call it - and I am currently grounded, recovering from an operation on my shoulder. Neither the sun - nor I - are in any rush. Denmark is a wonderful place to be at this time of year, with long, light evenings which seem to go on for ever; there is a glow in the Northern sky the entire night as the sun creeps eastwards, hidden only a few degrees below the Northern horizon. It never truly gets dark around midsummer here. The pay-back for these long days of summer are the short, grey, frequently gloomy days of winter when the sun staggers like a concussed prize fighter into the sky some time after nine in the morning and hangs low for a few short hours, punch-drunk against the ropes, before plunging back below the horizon mid-afternoon, out for the count for another seventeen hours or so. Such is the Yin and the Yang of life in the higher northern latitudes. As a result of being unable to fly, I haven’t been doing much travelling recently, and haven’t posted much here for a few weeks. It’s now been six months since I switched mirrorless camera systems from Sony Alpha NEX to Fuji X, and being grounded and unable to travel seems like a good opportunity to take stock of my thoughts on the Fuji X system and write a few words about it. Having lived with the camera for six months, I can tell you that there is a lot to like about the Fuji X-E2 - and the Fuji X lenses. Here's why...

Young Boy, Mumbai, India, 2013

May 4th


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Ten Tips for Stronger Portraits

I've been asked several times recently for tips and advice on shooting travel portraits of strangers, so I thought it might be an idea to post something about the subject. Here then are my ten tips for stronger travel portraits... [more after the jump]

Giotto Air Rocket Blower - a lethal explosive device?

Feb 2nd


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Photographers of the world, beware!

Security madness reigns at London Heathrow Airport! Today, I had my Giotto Air Rocket Blower - a mighty dangerous-looking dust removal accessory for camera lenses and equipment (see picture) - confiscated on passing through Heathrow Airport Security at Terminal 5 because ‘it might be mistaken for a bomb’. Read on to find out what happened.

Fujinon X-E2 with Fujifilm XF 35mm f/1.4 R lens

Jan 28th


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The X-Factor: Switching from Sony NEX to Fuji X

The Sony Alpha NEX-7 and the Fujifilm X-E2 are both class-leading mirrorless cameras. Both are capable of producing image files of stunning quality; both are reasonably rugged, well-made cameras of a similar size and weight. So why did I recently decide to sell my Sony NEX-7 and buy a Fuji X-E2?

Self-portrait in a hotel room.

Sep 27th


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Anatomy of a Photograph: Two Self-Portraits using Off-Camera Flash

I recently resolved to work more intensively on my lighting skills. Although I do augment natural light with strobes occasionally when making location portraits, most of my photographs are made using natural light. I have no aspiration to become a full-time studio photographer; much of my photography occurs in a travel context and I generally […]

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