Sand dunes in the Arabian Desert, U.A.E.

Nov 29th


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A Day in the Arabian Desert

Earlier this month, I flew out to Dubai to meet up with friend and photographer David Nightingale who runs the highly regarded photography training and photoblog website at  Together with two of the guys from Gulf Photo Plus, Michael and Simran, and Dubai-based Omani commercial photographer Issa AlKindy, we headed into the Arabian Desert. […]

Autumn on the Island of Funen, Denmark - ©Ian Mylam

Oct 28th


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Autumn on the Island of Funen shot with the iPhone 4

Thought I’d share a photograph I made on the Island of Funen, South Denmark, shot with the iPhone 4 on the road through the village I call home. Have a great weekend!

End of the Day on Kennebunk Beach - Maine, U.S.A.

Jul 22nd


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Postcards from Maine

This post comes from New England, U.S.A., where I’m currently travelling along the length of the beautiful Maine coast together with my family.  We flew in to Boston, and from there, hired a car to drive up to the easternmost point in the U.S.A. – West Quoddy Head, Lubec, Maine.  Along the way, we visited Portland, Freeport, Rockport, Bar Harbor and the Acadia National Park,  Jonesport, Beals, Ellsworth, Camden, Boothbay Harbour, Old Orchard Beach and Kennebunk amongst other wonderful places.  As a professional pilot, I have flown over this part of the United States many times, so it was great to see it all from the ground.  It lived up to all my expectations: New England is without doubt a beautiful part of the U.S.A..

Summer Mist on the Island of Funen, Denmark

Jun 21st


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Midsummer Mist on the Island of Funen

On the evening I made this photograph - about a week ago - dusk had just fallen. The last light of the sun, which was already below the horizon, was illuminating the few clouds in the northern sky, turning them orange-pink. As the temperature fell towards the dew point, shallow mist began to form at ground level where humidity was highest, wreathing the fields and trees with an ethereal white glow. I was not thinking about photography at the time, but happened to glance out of the windows to the North, saw the mist and the glowing clouds, grabbed my camera and ran barefoot out of the front door of my house to capture the scene.

Night on Blackpool Beach - Lancashire, England

Jan 7th


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Night Mood on Blackpool Beach

Another night shot from Blackpool Beach, looking directly out towards the sea. The clouds were moving quickly with the onshore wind, which combined with the four-minute exposure caused the streaking effect in the sky. The tide was out, but there were pools of water remaining on the beach which reflected the clouds and the light […]

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