Fire and Ice - Island of Funen, Denmark

Jan 3rd


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Fire and Ice

This image was shot much closer to home, just a few miles from where I live on the Island of Funen (Fyn), South Denmark. I woke up to one of those days where the light and land were so magical, it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, and had me […]

Rain on the North Pier - Blackpool, England

Dec 27th


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Rain on the North Pier

Just a quick post to share another image from Blackpool – this time, after heavy rain had lashed the North Pier, sending us diving for cover.  As soon as the shower was over, I moved out on to the Pier to make this photograph while the boards underfoot were still very wet and highly reflective.  […]

Fishermen at Dawn, Chennai, India

Dec 22nd


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Postcards from Chennai

I’m in Chennai, India, about to fly to London. It’s a pleasant 29 degrees Celsius here this evening, or if you prefer, 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Either way, a lot warmer than London in December – and Denmark for that matter – which is where I plan to be by tomorrow evening, in time for Christmas, […]

Night on Blackpool Beach

Dec 9th


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Blackpool Beach Revisited

Another night view of Blackpool beach – this time, looking straight towards the sea – and this time, processed as a duotone.  

Blackpool Beach - Lancashire, England

Dec 7th


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Blackpool, England: Night on the Beach

I am still working my way through images from the weekend I spent in Blackpool in September, and came across this one earlier today which I liked. It’s a view looking diagonally across the beach and towards the sea, although the tide is out, and there are just a few pools of water left on […]

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