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Self-portrait in a hotel room, Malé, Maldives

Nov 5th


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A One-Light Self-Portrait (Bringing the Sun back)

I am in Malé, the capital of the Maldives, and it's raining outside. Raining very hard. I decide to pass the time by shooting a hotel-room self-portrait while waiting for the rain to stop. I want low, late-afternoon sunlight streaming into the room. The reality is a dark, thundery sky and rain lashing the window in torrents. Now, if only I could make the sun come back...

Ian James Mylam

Sep 5th


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A Quick Two-Speedlight Self-Portrait

With a “round-number” milestone birthday tomorrow, I thought I’d mark the occasion and the passing of time by turning the camera on myself. Like most photographers, I am much more comfortable on the other side of the lens. However, every now and then I feel compelled to put myself in the position of my subjects. Once I had the camera on a tripod and the lights in the rough position I wanted them, the whole shoot took between five and ten minutes. That was about as long as I could stand it. It was pretty hot to be standing in the midday sun in a suit, but I was naked from the waist down which helped keep things cool :) ...

Young Boy, Mumbai, India, 2013

May 4th


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Ten Tips for Stronger Portraits

I've been asked several times recently for tips and advice on shooting travel portraits of strangers, so I thought it might be an idea to post something about the subject. Here then are my ten tips for stronger travel portraits... [more after the jump]

Chennai, India

Dec 30th


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Postcards from Chennai

I’m currently in Chennai, India, and shortly on my way home to Denmark, where I’ll be for the new year’s eve celebrations, before departing for Thailand on new year’s day. I didn’t get much time for photography on this trip, other than a quick stroll around the streets close to my hotel shortly before sunset, […]


Nov 19th


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A Weekend in Dubai

I’m on my way home from Dubai tonight where I spent the last couple of days with the talented crew of photographers teaching at the Gulf Photo Plus FotoWeekend, including David Nightingale, Bobbi Lane and Bert Stephani, together with Dubai-based commercial photographers Issa Alkindy and Catalin Marin. It’s a great time of year to be […]

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