Street Photography
New York City, U.S.A., 2015

Mar 6th


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Snowfall in New York City

In a world in which cameras or at least camera-equipped phones are ubiquitous, in which travel has become cheaper and easier, in which no corner of the world seems undiscovered, in which everything seems to have been photographed and in which we are bombarded with dozens or even hundreds of images daily, it is very hard to find a new perspective on a familiar place – particularly a place as familiar and photographed as New York City. Snow visually transforms both the air it passes through and what it falls upon, and its presence in the air and the reflectance it brings to the ground also modifies the light illuminating a scene. It thus has the power to transform the familiar into something unfamiliar, interesting and magical. Which is why I was hoping for snowfall in New York. One hour before I was due to leave the city to fly to London, the snow started to fall...

Young Boy, Mumbai, India, 2013

May 4th


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Ten Tips for Stronger Portraits

I've been asked several times recently for tips and advice on shooting travel portraits of strangers, so I thought it might be an idea to post something about the subject. Here then are my ten tips for stronger travel portraits... [more after the jump]


Nov 19th


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A Weekend in Dubai

I’m on my way home from Dubai tonight where I spent the last couple of days with the talented crew of photographers teaching at the Gulf Photo Plus FotoWeekend, including David Nightingale, Bobbi Lane and Bert Stephani, together with Dubai-based commercial photographers Issa Alkindy and Catalin Marin. It’s a great time of year to be […]

Two Boys, Mumbai, India, 2013

Oct 25th


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Postcards from Mumbai

Just a quick post to share a few pictures – and some smiling faces – from the streets of Mumbai where I have been this week. Enjoy!  

Man with Cart - Chengdu, China

Oct 5th


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Postcard from Chengdu

A quick postcard from Chengdu, China, where I am for the next couple of days. I was out very early this morning wandering the streets – it was misty and raining gently, but was beginning to brighten up by the time I made this photograph just a couple of streets away from my hotel. Apparently, […]

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