Young Boy, Mumbai, India, 2013

May 4th


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Ten Tips for Stronger Portraits

I've been asked several times recently for tips and advice on shooting travel portraits of strangers, so I thought it might be an idea to post something about the subject. Here then are my ten tips for stronger travel portraits... [more after the jump]

Dubai, U.A.E., 2014

Mar 16th


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Two Days in Dubai

I just got back from a very enjoyable couple of days in Dubai, where the annual Gulf Photo Plus photography festival was in full swing. I was in the Business Bay area, walking along the side of a major road which initially looked fairly uninteresting when an image began to take shape in my mind based on the scene in front of me. It took me a while to find the right framing, and involved cropping the image to a square format to align what I could see through the viewfinder with what I could see in my mind's eye, but I eventually found the framing which had tugged at my subconscious and caused me to slow to a halt and break out the camera. I then realised that what I really needed was a yellow vehicle to pass by to echo the colour of the yellow lines on the left side of the image. So I staked out this spot for around twenty minutes waiting for a yellow vehicle to come by. A couple of times I saw a yellow vehicle approaching, but by the time it actually reached me, my view of it was partially blocked by other traffic. Eventually I got lucky: an an unobstructed view of an approaching yellow van. More after the jump...

The Night Drive Home - Birkum, Denmark

Feb 5th


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Close to Home

Like many photographers, I find it easy to get inspired to shoot when I’m travelling. And like many photographers, I struggle to find something to photograph in my back yard. I have driven this stretch of road, a stone’s throw from my home, hundreds – probably thousands – of times before. As usual, I was looking but not really seeing – focusing on driving safely and on simply getting home. I don’t know what it was that first caught my eye, made me slow down and then finally stop the car, but for whatever reason, I began to see, and not just to look.

Giotto Air Rocket Blower - a lethal explosive device?

Feb 2nd


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Photographers of the world, beware!

Security madness reigns at London Heathrow Airport! Today, I had my Giotto Air Rocket Blower - a mighty dangerous-looking dust removal accessory for camera lenses and equipment (see picture) - confiscated on passing through Heathrow Airport Security at Terminal 5 because ‘it might be mistaken for a bomb’. Read on to find out what happened.

Fujinon X-E2 with Fujifilm XF 35mm f/1.4 R lens

Jan 28th


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The X-Factor: Switching from Sony NEX to Fuji X

The Sony Alpha NEX-7 and the Fujifilm X-E2 are both class-leading mirrorless cameras. Both are capable of producing image files of stunning quality; both are reasonably rugged, well-made cameras of a similar size and weight. So why did I recently decide to sell my Sony NEX-7 and buy a Fuji X-E2?

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